R.M. Parsons Laboratory
Environmental Science and Engineering
Email: dldesmar@mit.edu
Bldg-Room 48-325
Phone: (617) 258-6482
Website: The Des Marais Lab

David Des Marais

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

My research interests are plant ecophysiology, evolutionary biology, and functional genomics. I am particularly interested in plant interactions with the abiotic environment – water, temperature, nutrients, and light – and how plants respond when these factors impose stress. I study natural diversity within and between plant species both in the field and in controlled environments.  A long-term goal of my work is to develop a mechanistic understanding of plant performance, especially as they relate to eco-evolutionary trade-offs, to conserve natural plant populations and to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability.


PhD Biology (2008), Duke University

BA Integrative Biology (2000), The University of California at Berkeley